Why Do You Need CNC Routing?

How can a CNC router enhance your small shop? 


  • Processing sheet goods:
  1. Cut multiple parts with one setup
  2. Nesting saves material
  3. Not dependent on operator skill for squareness and accuracy
  4. Saves time and time is money
  5. 100% exact repeatability
  • Cabinet making:
  1. Cut mortises, tenons, shelf pin holes, hinge holes, drawer slide holes, shelves, stretchers, toe kicks, and cutout parts in one setup on one machine.
  2. Saves time - Our CNC Router does not need a supervisor.  While you are assembling one cabinet it can be cutting out the next one.
  3. Cabinet size can be modified with the click of a mouse.  No more filler strips as with stock cabinets.
  4. Perfectly square and accurate parts.
  5. Using pre-finished plywood a set of cabinets can easily be produced in a day or two and be ready to install.
  6. Unlike paid help a CNC Router does not take days off, does not need overtime pay, workman's comp, health insurance, or payroll taxes.
  • Sign Making:
  1. Monument signs are becoming a requirement for many areas.  Process them with CNC and realize the profit potential of this growing market.
  2. Intricate shapes can be cut that are not possible on a bandsaw or scroll saw.  No throat limitations.  If it fits on a sheet it can be cut.
  3. Multiple panels can be processed that fit together to make any size sign.
  4. Using the right material a two-color sign can be cut and ready to ship without any finishing required.
  5. V-carving opens up a whole new market for wood signs, ad specialties, and presentation plaques.
  • Custom Furniture
  1. V-Carving opens up a whole new world for the custom furniture artist.  A CNC router can do in minutes what takes days with a chip knife.
  2. Repeatability - Identical parts are truly identical. 
  3. Curved parts can be made just as easily as straight ones.
  4. Large panel glue-ups can be planed in minutes to the precise finished thickness.
  5. Many jigs and fixtures can be eliminated.
  6. Circular panels can be accurately cut without pivot holes.
  7. Solid wood inlays are possible and easy.  Imagine a compass rose inlay in the middle of a conference table.  Or a company logo inlaid into a workpiece using contrasting material.
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