CNC Routing for the Small Shop

CNC Routers are becoming as common in woodworking shops as table saws and jointers.  The problem in the past has been that rigid all welded steel machines have been too highly priced for the average small shop to afford.  Our only choice for our small shop was to build one for ourselves from scratch.  We got an acceptably accurate machine but, since it was made out of MDF with a wood frame it was not stable nor did it have enough mass to run at high speed. 


We decided that a bolt together machine, although affordable, would be no better than our home brew.  To achieve accuracy and speed a solid welded frame is essential.


Since most woodworking machines are made in the Orient we looked at finding an affordable supplier.  We were baptized in the fire of imports, duties, customs brokers, international wire transfers and many other difficulties not the least of which was communication half way around the globe.


Applying our expertise in electronics and mechanics we upgrade the machines to OUR standards, write operation and maintenance manuals, test and retest the machines for all the trades which would use them cutting foam signs, nested sheet projects, plastics, and even aluminum.


We have found a supplier who fabricates a quality machine at a fair price.  We are able to offer them to the public without the hassles of importing and dealing with ocean freight.  If you have problems or questions about your machine we are just a phone call away not half way around the world.




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