SS CNC Router Projects

Cabinets and casework

How many setups and how many pieces of equipment do you use to cut out cabinets?  With an SS CNC Router the answer is one.  All shelf pin holes, rabbets, dados, toe kicks, shelves, bottoms, stretchers, and nailers can be cut with one set-up on one tool, with one bit.  In the time it takes to assemble a cabinet, the next one can be made with an SS CNC Router.  Parts can be nested to maximize the use of material.  Time and material saved is money made.  There are many software packages that design and create toolpaths for casework.  We at SS CNC Router prefer to use Cabinet Parts Pro.


Sign carving

You can carve signs with a router and templates. But you are limited to one font and one size.  With CNC you are only limited to your imagination and font library.  With V-Carving the bit pulls out at the corners making crisp corners and fine lines.  Graphics can be imported to allow intricate shapes to be carved.  Go to and see all the amazing things that can be done with a CNC Router.


Inlays using v-carving.

Really fine detail can be achieved using the v-carve inlay technique.  Imagine making a compass rose within a table top using several different woods for color and contrast.  This would require years of training and talent using conventional methods, but using v-carve it would merely be an exercise in using software. 



Suppose a workpiece doesn’t fit in your planer?  Hand planing is tedious and requires a highly skilled individual with a sharp plane to be precise.  If you want to prepare an endgrain butcher block table top, a natural edge slab or an inlay, it is possible within the machine limits of the SS CNC Router.  If you are doing a restoration and want to replace the veneer on a workpiece The SS CNC Router can remove the old veneer right down to the glue line without harming the substrate. 


Precision Drilling

Drilling shelf pin holes using a hand-held drill and template is tedious and only as accurate as the skill of the operator.  How long would it take to lay out and drill a cribbage board or Chinese checkerboard using conventional methods?  Want to drill a hole but you don’t have the bit for it? With CNC you can drill any size hole that is larger than the bit you choose.  Both imperial and metric dimensions can be drilled using the same bit.  Your SS CNC Router can accomplish these tasks very precisely and quickly.  


Knock Down Furniture

Locating and drilling the holes for knock down furniture hardware by hand is imprecise and tedious.  With a SS CNC Router it merely becomes another toolpath in the making of your project.  You can become your own custom KD furniture manufacturer.


Cutout letters

We recently cut some letters for a sign.  The job called for 17 30” letters in a unique font that was not in our library.  We downloaded the font, created the toolpaths and cut the letters from 2 sheets of MDO plywood in less than an hour.  To accomplish this by hand would have been very difficult and wasteful.


Stage Props

We made props for a local beauty pageant.  The Texas map is 8 feet tall.  We used foam sheathing board on plywood substrate.  Once paint and glitter were applied the results were dramatic.


Exotic Materials

Our SS CNC Router was used to cut out carbon fiber instrument panels for a local boat yard.  The holes for the instruments were placed precisely and were dimensioned exactly.  With software it was easy to demonstrate to the client what the final product would look like before processing.  As the material was so costly we made prototypes out of 1/4 inch MDF to prove the design before cutting the carbon fiber with a diamond bit.  There was no concern about the dust as the job ran quickly and dust collection was effective.  Cutting this job by hand would be tedious and perhaps hazardous to health.

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